June 23, 2024
Marriage And Divorce

Dear Pure Unadulterated Bride of the Word,

We are His lovely little Lady; unadulterated, not touched by any man’s organization, any man-made theory. We’re the purely unadulterated, Bride of the Word! We are the pregnated daughter of God.

We are His Spoken Word children, which is His original Word! There is no sin in God, thus there is no sin in us, as we are in His Own image. How could we fall? It’s impossible….IMPOSSIBLE! We are part of Him, His ORIGINAL WORD.

How can we know this without any doubt? REVELATION. The whole Bible, this Message, God’s Word, is all a Revelation. That’s how we know the truth between this Voice and all other voices, because It’s a Revelation. And our Revelation is exactly with the Word, not contrary to the Word.

And upon this rock” (spiritual revelation of what the Word is) “I’ll build My Church; and the gates of hell will never shake It down.” His Wife will not be tempted with other men. “I’ll build My Church, and the gates of hell can never shake It.”

We will be true and faithful to His Word and His Voice, only. We will never be defiled by some other man and commit adultery. We will remain His Virgin Word Bride. We will not look, listen or flirt with any other word.

It is down in our hearts. We could never have another husband, but our ONE HUSBAND, Jesus Christ, one Man, God, Immanuel. His Wife will be thousands times thousands of thousands. That shows that the Bride has got to come from the Word. “One Lord Jesus, and His Bride many, singular.”

We must remember and understand this isn’t for everyone, just the prophet’s group ONLY. His own followers. This Message is only to them, the little flock the Holy Ghost gave him to oversee.

God will hold him responsible for what he tells us, and God will hold us, his converts from across the lands, the ones he has led to Christ, responsible to believe every Word of It and never compromise.

How wonderful it is for us to sit and listen to Him tell us how we are His chosen Ones. How His first Bride, and second Bride, failed Him; but we, His great end-time Bride would NEVER FAIL HIM. We will remain His true, faithful, virgin Word Bride till the end.

Our Faith in His Word grows greater every day. We are making ourselves ready by listening and obeying His every Word, hearing His Voice speak to us, reading our Bibles, praying and worshiping Him all day long.

We know He is coming so soon. Any minute now. Like Noah, we were hoping He was coming yesterday; maybe tomorrow morning, noon, in the evening, but we know He’s coming. God’s prophet and His Word make no mistakes, HE IS COMING. We feel it is day 7, and we can see the clouds forming and the huge rain drops falling; the time has arrived.

We are safe and sound in the Ark, waiting with great anticipation. Come join us as we hear the Voice of God comfort us this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Marriage And Divorce 65-0221M.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures to read before hearing the Message:

St. Matthew 5:31-32 / 16:18 / 19:1-8 / 28:19
Acts 2:38
Romans 9:14-23
First Timothy 2:9-15
First Corinthians 7:10-15 / 14:34
Hebrews 11:4
Revelation 10:7
Genesis 3 chapter
Leviticus 21:7
Job 14:1-2
Isaiah 53
Ezekiel 44:22