May 19, 2024
Questions And Answers #4

Dear Tape Family,

I mean you, my family, and the family out in the world where we…where our tapes go.

That is us, the prophet’s Tape Family; his children that are scattered out over the world, the ones he has begotten to Christ. The ones that Father has given the Revelation of Himself to in these last days.

I want to get them all together one of these days, see, Father will, and then we’ll—we’ll have a Home where we won’t have to roam around no more.

I WANT TO GET THEM ALL TOGETHER. It’s happening right now. This Message, His Word, these Tapes are doing just exactly that: bringing the Bride all together, uniting us as ONE UNIT from around the world. There is nothing but His Voice; the Voice of God on the tapes, that can bring His Bride together.

And you, when you’re filled with the Spirit, here’s one of the best signs I know: you’re so in love with Christ and believe every Word that He says to be the Truth. See? That’s the evidence that you have the Holy Spirit. And your life’s full of joy, and—and oh my, everything’s different (see?) than what it used to be. That’s the Holy Spirit.

Our hearts, minds and souls are so full of joy, love and Revelation, we can hardly contain ourselves. Every message we hear brings more Revelation. We see who we are and what we are doing to be in His Perfect Will. There is nothing that can move us from what God has placed within our hearts. Pressing Play is God’s provided Way for today. No guessing, no hoping, no asking the Holy Spirit, “Is what I just heard the true Word?” “Do I need to check it with the Word?”

Not us. What we hear on the tapes IS THE WORD. That Word we hear on the tapes is the ONLY WORD that has been vindicated by the Holy Spirit Himself, the Pillar of Fire, to be Thus Saith The Lord to the Bride.

If someone says to us, “There is so much said on the tapes that was just Brother Branham talking, not the anointed Word. That was just the man. The Holy Spirit led us to what is the Word and what was just Brother Branham talking.”

Not to us. We just simply believe what the prophet told us never to forget.

I want you to never forget that Word. What Moses said, God honored, because God’s Word was in Moses.

We will never forget what the prophet said, and we believe It; for It is engraved with an iron pen upon our hearts. What he said on the tapes, God honored It, and we believe It.

There is no greater honor than to sit and hear the Voice of God speak to us. He will be speaking to His Bride this Sunday at 12:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, and answering questions: 64-0830E Questions And Answers #4. I’d like to invite you to be united with us. It is a decision you’ll never regret.

Bro. Joseph Branham