Sunday, July 19, 2020
Things That Are To Be

Dear Perfected Ones,

We are at the end of time. We have returned back to the Wheat again, back to the Original Grain. The shuck has pulled away from us, and we are now laying in the Presence of the Son to be ripened.

That Son is His revealed Word for this day: This Message. It is the revelation of the Word in Its season, and we are laying in Its Presence, ripening each day by “Pressing Play.”

We are The Word on top of Word that will bring out the full stature of the Bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the revelation of the manifestation of the Word.

We know The Word of the Lord comes ONLY to the prophet, for he is the reflector of God’s Word. He can say nothing; he can’t even say his own thoughts. He can only speak what God reveals to him. It is the thoughts of God spoken through the lips of His prophet. It has been revealed to us that the Voice of Malachi 4 is the manifested Word for our day, calling out His Bride.

What is going to call the Bride together?

The Message calls the Bride together, see, the shout.

The shout has gone forth. It is calling His Bride together from around the world, saying “prepare ourselves, the Rapture is at hand, stay with that Word.”

Because we have stayed with That Word he told us Sunday, “I saw you there. A sainted bunch all correctly dressed. Smooth, clean, marching like this, to the step of the Gospel. She was the Word.

Flesh and blood has not revealed this to us, but our Father which is in Heaven has revealed this to us. Not only the revelation of who He was in another hour, but the revelation who He is now, The Word made flesh in His prophet, the Word made flesh IN US.

We are going to a perfect Kingdom, so we must be a perfect people, because we are married to a perfect Son of God, so we must be a perfect Bride. So how can we do it through anything else but the perfect Word of God, THIS MESSAGE?

These Messages have been stored up and prepared for this very hour, for this very day. He knew before the world began that we would be listening to this Message Sunday as He speaks through His messenger to tell us all about what it is going to be like over There.

He has gone to prepare everything for us before we get there. He is making it just the way we like it. It’s going to be a real place where we’re going to do things, where we’re going to live. We’re going to work. We’re going to enjoy. We’re going to Life, to a real Eternal Life. We’re going to a Heaven, a paradise… GLORY!

There is nothing going to hinder us from being there. It has been revealed, we are His Bride, we are the Word made flesh, the Rapture is at hand, He’s building us a Kingdom just for us so we can spend Eternity with Him and each other.

He chose His prophet before the beginning of time to tell us all about, Things That Are To Be 65-1205.

Let His Bride unite together this Sunday at 1:00 P.M. Jeffersonville time to hear God speak through human lips, as He tells His Bride who we are, all about where we are going, and what it will be like when we get there.

Bro. Joseph Branham