Sunday, July 5, 2020
Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

Dear Elected Ones,

Today the Bride of Christ is rejoicing like no other day in the history of the world, because according to God’s Word, He has revealed to us we have Eternal Life and will not come to the judgment, but have passed from death unto Life, because He took our judgment for us.

Then He has revealed to us something even more, even greater. You say GREATER? Yes, for not only do we have Eternal Life (for there will be thousands and thousands of people who shall receive Eternal Life), but He has revealed and told us, “I have something very special for only you. Something that they won’t have, why, because YOU ARE MY CHOSEN AND PREDESTINATED BRIDE, so I have prepared a VERY special place JUST FOR YOU AND ME.”

Whether you sleep, whether you don’t, whether you do or whether you don’t; wherever you’re buried, if you’re not even buried at all, you’re coming anyhow! There’s nothing can hold you. You’ll be there!”

We will be there and there is nothing that can stop us, nothing! And once we are there, we shall build houses, and we will inhabit them. We shall plant vineyards, and we will eat the fruit of them. We shall not plant and another inherit it, WE WILL plant our own vineyards, build our own houses, and stay in them. We are going to spend Eternity together with each other and with Him as His Bride.

We’re getting ready for a climb into the skies by the power of God. We are at the top of the pyramid getting ready for the Rapture. And how do we know these things are true? By Revelation. We have recognized our day, we have recognized our messenger, and now we have recognized who we are.

However, you can only be there if you come God’s provided Way. That is the Message of the hour spoken by God’s provided messenger. It is God’s only provided way for this day.

With each new Message, we hear Him tell us how He has chosen a Bride that would not fall, that would hold to that Word regardless of what all the rest of the world had to say about It. They would hold to that Word, for they are predestinated to stand there because She is part of that Word. They will not be ashamed, but PROUD to say, “Yes, I PRESS PLAY.”

Do you get it? If you fail, come back to this tape again. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be with you. Remember, this is the Truth, of THUS SAITH THE LORD. It’s the Truth. It’s the Scripture.

We are under great expectation for what He will reveal to us next. We have seen how He has brought us together from around the world in our homes to hear His Stored Up Food. We see how He has been revealing things we have heard many, many times before, for years, but are just now being made manifested.

But what will the next Message reveal to us?

If the Lord is willing, I want to speak, in closing these little series of services since being here, Sunday morning, on a very important thing.

…what I’m going to try to do, if the Holy Spirit will help me, to catch the Message and the place where It’s at now, and build It right where It started, and build It right up into the present time.

He is going to tell us where the Word started and build it right up to this present day. What a day for His Bride.

God in His body, Christ; and Christ in His Body, the Bride. Oh-oh-oh, my! God made manifest in Christ; Christ made manifest in the Bride! And as God took from the body of Adam, the woman, and she fell; then God has took from the body of Christ, His flesh, His Body, which is His Word, and is bringing a Bride out that won’t fall by denomination or creed. No, sir. But She is coming back with the pure, unadulterated Word of God being manifested. I hope every man that hears this tape, and every woman, will understand that.

We can’t wait to hear God speak through His messenger and tell us we are that pure, unadulterated Word of God being manifested by hearing the tape.

Let us gather around our tape recorders from around the world, as we sit together in heavenly places at 1:00 P.M. Jeffersonville time and hear the Voice Of God reveal to us, 63-0728 Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed.

Bro. Joseph Branham