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Where can I get wine for Communion, and how do I know that it is Kosher wine?

The three options below are for believers in the US only:

1. If you go to and search for “Kosher”, it will bring up a list of Kosher wines that can be used for Communion.

2. If you go to, it will bring up Kosher wines that can be used for Communion.

3. Another way is to call a local Kroger, Meijer, or Walgreens and ask if they have Kosher wine. Most will have a wine that is Kosher.

Unfortunately, wine is very difficult to ship. If you live outside of the USA, you can check your local markets, or ask a local church for Communion wine.

*A way to see if a wine is Kosher is by looking for kosher certification symbols. One of the most common symbols looks like a 'U' inside a circle, showing that it's certified by ‘Union of Orthodox Rabbis.’ Other certification symbols include a 'K' inside a circle or a 'K' inside a star. A ‘cRc’ stamp or a Hebrew ‘ר‎כש’ stamp are also indicators that the wine is kosher.

*A popular wine for Communion is a wine called Mogen David Concord.

Feet washing

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