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- Brother William Branham

January 18, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

I have been asking several people what they thought of the last service we had in our homes, and the response has been almost overwhelming: WE ALL LOVED IT. There was just something about settling down in our Home Services that made us dig deep into this tremendous study on the Seven Church Ages.

And it looks like Father once again wants us in our homes for service this Sunday. They are calling for just 1”-3” of snow, but a “flash freeze” on Sunday morning, with temperatures dropping 30 degrees into single digits and 20-30 mph winds. They recommend no one go outdoors at all due to bitterly cold temperatures and icy roads.

But praise the Lord, how appropriate this is, my friends, as this is the way it was in the early church, when they heard the Gospel preached from their HOMES. Like Brother Branham said,

While you people have gathered out here, this morning, in this brother's home, to--to have some fellowship together, it kind of reminds me of the early Church. The way Christianity first started out, was, the Bible said, "It was from house to house. They met and broke the bread with singleness of heart." And that's what we want to have this morning, while we're here, is singleness of heart, one purpose.

We CAN have church this Sunday, with singleness of heart, with one purpose, all because God has stored up the Spiritual Food. Praise the wonderful Name of the Lord! We are not cancelling church, we are just changing our location to be within our HOME. How thankful I am that the Lord has provided a way for us to do that.

I would like for us to once again gather together to hear the next Message in series, 60-1205 The Ephesian Church Age, at 9:00 am in our Home Tape church. I know the Lord will once again pour out His blessings upon us, for this is the Way He intended for us to hear It.

May God richly bless you,

Brother Joseph

Download printable PDF of "The Ephesian Church Age" Scripture references

Download printable PDF of "The Revelation Of Jesus Christ" Scripture references

Download printable PDF of "The Patmos Vision" Scripture references

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